Salope 003

Both born on the remote planet of toola.Argynis and tolarusin.Son and daugther of Revolt and Annahis.


I was born in Toola,in a remote desolate place.After i was old enough to old a saber i join a group of sith with my brother.We were recruted by a men name malicious. He remarke our sensitivity with the force and our saber skills..I was force to join the sith to not betray my brother and  not to be all alone in this world.After a couple of days my brother left the group and left me there alone.I was not at my place there so i left also.After a while i been told that i had an adoptive sister among the jedi (Jerek).So i decide to go meet her in yavin to see her.She intruce me to a new vision of the force.A better way and to a new philosophy.I kind of like it so i apply.My brother was against because he wanted me in another sith group again but i refuse.Jerek convince me that the jedi way is my way.I made many friends here on yavin and all were very nice to me and respectfull.That the kind of friendship im looking for.And when i got accepted in the group by master moonsoo, i decide to dedicate my life to the force and the jedis.After i have been hanging out for a while on yavin and observe everything that was going on.And this is when i meet my master gaton.He remarke my talent and he took me under his wing to becaume is padawan learner.

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